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100% genome sequence is published (Jul 10 2007)
After 3 years effort, we have achieved literally 100% completeness of C. merolae genome sequences. The detail is reported in the paper Nozaki, H. et al. BMC Biology 5, 28 (2007).
A comparative analysis is published (15 Feb 2005)
A new paper from our project, Misumi, O. et al. Plant Physiology 137, 567-585, describes the genome wide comparison between C. merolae and a green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
The paper appeared in the top 10 list of "Faculty of 1000" (10 May 2004)
The recent paper is ranked in the current top 10 list (ALL OF BIOLOGY) of the "Faculty of 1000". Currently, it is evaluated as an 'Exceptional' paper with F1000 Factor of 8.1.
C. merolae genome sequence released (Apr 8 2004)
We have a pleasure to announce the release of the complete sequence of C. merolae nuclear genome. The first analysis of C. merolae genome can be found in the paper Matsuzaki, M. et al. Nature 428, 653-657 (2004).
Reference: Matsuzaki, M. et al. Nature 428, 653-657 (2004)
Nozaki, H. et al. BMC Biology 5, 28 (2007)
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