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This is a list of some changes in this site. Note that minor changes may be omitted.

BLAST system has been updated (8 Aug 2006)
The BLAST programs have been replaced to the current version, 2.2.14.
Member Login facility has been introduced (1 Mar 2006)
Project members can obtain additional information when they are logged in.
BLAST database has been updated (8 May 2005)
The nr database of the BLAST search service has been replaced to the version of 1 May. The precalculated BLAST results have also been refleshed.
Organellar genomes have been integrated (16 Nov 2004)
Now you can search annotations on the mitochondrial and plastid genomes. The BLAST databese 'annotated CDS' and 'chromosomal fragments' include organellar proteins and genomes, respectively.
BLAST system has been updated (9 Nov 2004)
The BLAST programs and the nr database has been replaced to the current version, 2.2.10 and nr of 28 Oct, respectively. The precalculated BLAST results have also been refleshed.
Chromosome browsing interface has appeared (9 Sep 2004)
Very primitive interface that allow us to access each chromosomal fragments has appeared.
Annotation viewer has upgraded again (17 Aug 2004)
The interface has two new features.
  1. External link to the corresponding entry of Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) is provided.
  2. Comments column now contains an assignment to KEGG Orthology.
The sequences of whole genome shotgun reads are reloaded (10 Jul 2004)
The database now contains the sequences of WGS reads, as the past access-restriceted version did. And an error of the corresponding BLAST database 'gszw' is corrected at the same time. The sequences are accessible through the BLAST results against the 'gszw' (WGS reads) database.
A new paper is published. (15 Jun 2004)
A new paper from our project, Minoda, A. et al. Plant and Cell Physiology 45, 667-671, has great importance in carring out molecular analysis in this alga. Improved culture condition bring us a faster growth (doubling time = 9.2 hours; it was 32 hours in past). Further, gene targetting techniques will be available in this organism, since homologous recombination with an introduced gene is observed.
Annotation viewer has upgraded. (8 Jun 2004)
The interface for viewing annotations has two new facilities.
  1. similarity search results using BLAST are given for each CDS
  2. dispatching links for external sites are provided.
The file 'fragments.txt' is replaced. (1 Jun 2004)
The file 'fragments.txt' in the Download section is now replaced with an updated version, because the file was stale. The new version accurately reflects the data reported in our Nature paper, and corresponds to any data in this site including the 'cmerfrag' database used in the BLAST service.
A new paper is published. (30 May 2004)
Detail description about the BAC libraries construction is now available in a new paper Maruyama, S. et al. DNA Research 11, 83-91. It also describe ribosomal DNA clusters in the organism.
Image gallery is open. (25 May 2004)
An image gallery for Cyanidioschyzon merolae is open.
The PDF file of our Nature paper is available. (25 May 2004)
Based on the agreement with Nature Publishing Group, we insert the PDF file of our Nature paper in this site.
Reference: Matsuzaki, M. et al. Nature 428, 653-657 (2004)
Nozaki, H. et al. BMC Biology 5, 28 (2007)
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